Adam Ierymenko's Personal Site

About Me

Welcome to my ^^completely out of date and unmaintained^^ personal page! Right now this is just a portfolio of some of my work. It includes past and present, finished and unfinished.


Projects and Source Code

ZeroTier One

ZeroTier One creates virtual Ethernet networks of almost unlimited size.


Flatland is a simple and easy to use command line utility for plotting points in n-dimensional spaces. It was inspired by Quickplot and can handle very large numbers of points and very large numbers of dimensions. It is released under the GPL.


EGADS stands for Evolutionary Gaussian Automatic Decomposition System and is a little GPLed project that uses evolutionary computation to decompose complex curves composed of multiple normally-distributed populations into their constituent parts. It is released under the GPL.


This project is now defunct. I might post the source code as open source at some point.

FilePhile is a utility for person-to-person file transfers. The base client is free, and I'm currently working on some enterprise applications. The current version is in Java, but there's a possibility that the next major revision will be native and based on libFireDoor if that ever comes out of vaporware mode. Before that, a pro version will probably come along for enterprise users.

Mersenne Twister for the Cell Broadband Engine SPE/SPU

Here's an implementation of the Mersenne Twister random number generator for the specialized processing units on the Cell Broadband Engine chip. Feel free to use it, since it's based on the original MT code and so is under the same (basically PD) license.


Nanopond (click to read more) is a very tiny, simple, and fast virtual CPU based artificial life system. It's been used by a few universities to demonstration evolutionary computation, artificial life, or simply to show what a virtual machine is. Its goal was to show how simple digital artificial life can be and to have a system small enough to fit in a programmers' head. It's written in C.

Old Stuff


Elemental is a project to "explore Turing-space." You can read more about it here. This project is somewhat obsolete since recent work of mine makes it more or less moot.


Archis was the first artificial life VM that I wrote. It's now in mothballs, but the original Archis page is preserved here. It's actually got some rather neat features and pioneered a lot of the programming techniques that I used in later artificial life efforts.

Ancient Source Code

I have some very old stuff here if anyone is interested.