Archis To-Do List

To-do list for web site:

  • More documentation
  • Some more examples and screenshots

Known bugs:

  • If you're controlling a simulation via command line and GUI at the same time, sometimes parameter changes made in the command line aren't reflected in the GUI
  • ChiSquareProbe may not be doing the right thing mathematically-speaking
  • NetServer performs a bit poorly with many clients-- need to rewrite using selectable I/O instead of thread-per-connection I/O
  • Total adhered movement is a 32-bit int and will wrap around-- needs to be 64-bit long

Short-term to-do list for Archis:

  • Ability to load and save simulations
  • Fix genome examination window to better insert carriage returns and tabs and such
  • Selection of cell color coding schemes in Landscape2D window
  • Screensaver mode for "ALife@Home" style use
  • Better plugin management without having to edit source
  • Cell lineage tracking and long-term generational tracking, possibly with characteristic flagging (for tracing evolutionary pathways)
  • More reward functions
  • Math expressions in some parameter fields to permit time and state dependant values that change as the simulation progresses (e.g. set total reward to ((clock * 0.1) + 1000000) to increase reward with time)
  • Clean up the Condition and Probe interfaces some more
  • Better command line interface
  • In the GUI, the ability to graph any statistic in realtime by right-clicking on it (in both Simulation and NetServer GUI)
  • Decentralized peer-to-peer networking capabilities and more advanced NetServer
  • An audio output capability so you can hear new cell data as it's introduced into the universe (just for coolness factor, and maybe to hear patterns)

Long-term to-do list for Archis:

  • Heuristic classification of organisms: simple replicators, parasites, predators, cooperators, etc.
  • New genome virtual machines, such as perhaps neural networks or more elementary artificial chemistries
  • Landscape3D (perhaps using the Java3D API)
  • LandscapeND: a landscape with an arbitrary number of dimensions (this might be very interesting... what would evolve in a Landscape8D?)

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